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PPDS, the world distributor of Philips Expert Shows, has unveiled its line of ultrabright 4K signage, the High Vivid 4000, in accordance to a press launch.

The slimline displays are intended to give trustworthy performance in regions with high ambient light and direct daylight, together with retail storefronts and entryways, alongside with indoor and semi-indoor installations, specially aimed at retail and public venues.

Now out there in 55-inch together with 75-inch UHD products, which attribute a 17.5mm and 18.8mm bezel (respectively), the displays mark a new entry in the electronic signage industry’s efforts to get over the worries of immediate sunlight.

“Sunlight is just one of the greatest purely natural challenges for electronic signage and, as organizations seem to extend and travel their communications no matter if in a retail store window, or delivering the most up-to-date travel facts in an airport, it really is necessary they are ready to supply their messaging in the clearest and most productive way,” Andrea Barbuti, global item supervisor for Whole Methods at PPDS, explained in the launch. “For quite a few displays on the market, all those ambitions can not be achieved to the wanted typical at all occasions, compromising the general expertise. With the High Vivid 4000 Collection from PPDS, these obstructions are get over.”

Presented by PPDS.

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