Digging In: A Food Critic’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Town


Food lovers rejoice! Those who are always on the lookout for the best restaurants in town have a reason to celebrate because “Digging In” has got you covered. This guide will take you through the most exquisite, mouth-watering, and unforgettable culinary experiences you can find in town.

What to Expect

Whether you’re a tourist or a local, food can unite us all. This guide will introduce you to a wide range of cuisines, from the comforting flavors of traditional food to the innovative twist of modern gastronomy. Our food critic has scoured the city from top to bottom to bring you the best of the best, where every restaurant is distinguished by class, quality, and most importantly, its food.

Best Restaurants in Town

The French Laundry

Located in Napa Valley, The French Laundry has a 3-star Michelin rating, an indicator of its superb quality of food, excellent service, and an elegant setting. The menu changes seasonally to allow for the freshest ingredients in Chef Thomas Keller’s masterpieces.


Pujol has become Mexico City’s crown jewel when it comes to fine dining. Chef Enrique Olvera combines tradition with modernity into each dish he serves, and the results are mouthwatering. Olvera has creatively revolutionized Mexican cuisine.


Gaggan has been named Asia’s Best Restaurant for four consecutive years and is a leading contender for the top spot worldwide. Chef Gaggan Anand presents progressive Indian cuisine infused with molecular gastronomy, making it a unique dining destination in Bangkok.


The above restaurants are just a few examples of the many exceptional dining experiences that “Digging In” has to offer. Whether you’re seeking a fancy night out or a casual meal with friends, you are guaranteed to find everything you could ever desire. Follow the hyperlinks above and discover more about each restaurant, and let us know which ones are your favorite. Happy digging in!

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