Coulis and compote are two dishes made with fruits, but they could not be more different. Many people who are not accustomed to these often regard them as the same thing. But are they the same?

No, coulis and compote are two different things. So, what are the major differences between the two? Even though they are made from fruits, they are very different in their appearance, nutrient profile, as well as culinary uses.

Both coulis and compote are made from fruits. Both are a kind of sauce and are often used to enhance the flavor of homemade dishes. The difference between the two lies in their consistency and use. While coulis has a fine consistency, compete has a thick texture.Ā 

If you are interested in such differences between the two ingredients, read this article. We will discuss its similarities, differences, culinary uses, health benefits, and much more in length!

Coulis Vs Compote| Difference Table

Basis Of Difference Coulis Compote
Texture SmoothĀ  Thick and chunky
Ingredients Used Fruits and Vegetable FruitsĀ 
Consistency Smooth and Creamy Loose
Preparation Mostly use uncooked fruits and cooked vegetables Mostly use cooked fruits
Added Flavoring agents Sugar, lemon juice Sugar, lemon juice, spices

What Is Coulis?


Coulis comes from a French word that means ā€œstrained liquid.ā€ It originally referred to the juice dripped from the roasted meat. However, over time coulis has gained many new meanings.

Coulis, as discussed here, refers to the thick sauce made from fruits. They can be sweet or a little savory depending upon the dish we serve with them. Coulis are often used to enhance the flavor of dishes.

If you are someone who loves French cuisine, you must have noticed coulis served with a lot of dishes. Whether a dessert or a roast, coulis can be added to both. The coulis can be employed in many culinary ways, depending on your creativity level!

The coulis can be made by using both fruits and vegetables. Coulis are often made from fresh fruits. However, if you are making it from vegetables, make sure to cook them. This makes the vegetables much more soft and flavorful.

The base of coulis is often pureed to obtain a smooth and creamy consistency. They are often well-seasoned before serving. Even after the season, they are often strained so that the sauce remains free from any seed or skin from its ingredients.

Coulis, as we have said, can be made from both fruits and vegetables. The coulis made from fruits are often sweet and are used as side dishes for desserts like cake and ice creams. Often sweet coulis uses ingredients like sugar to get an extra kick of flavor.

On the other hand, coulis made from roasted vegetables is often used as an accompaniment to meat dishes such as roasts. Tomatoes and pepper are the two main ingredients used to make the savory coulis.

One can use coulis in a number of ways. They are often used fresh and can be stored in the fridge for some days.

What Is Compote?


Compote as a dish has a long history to narrate! They have their origin in Medieval Europe and are still in use. They are believed to manage the humidity in the body. Even though time has changed so much, the importance of compote in the culinary world remains the same.

So what is a compote? Compote is nothing but a fruit sauce made from dried fruits and simple syrup. They are extremely delicious and colorful and are often eaten as their own or as an addition to different desserts.

Fruit compote is usually chunky in texture. When the compote is made from dry fruits, they are often soaked in water before cooking them in simple syrup. This makes the fruits much softer and more flavorful.

Compote, we can say, is a kind of stew made from fresh or dry fruits. They are often cooked in sugar syrup. The common ingredients to make compote include figs, apples, plums, berries, and herbs.Ā 

Coulis Vs. Compote | Similarities Between The Two


Just a small brief about the two ingredients made it clear that coulis and compote are two different ingredients. However, regardless of their differences, they have some similarities, making them confusing. Hence before going into the differences, letā€™s talk about the similarities.

Both Use Fruits As An Ingredient

Both coulis and compote are often known as fruit stews. Thus both these dishes use fruits as one of their main ingredients.Ā 

Both Are Often Served As A Side Dish To Desserts

Coulis and compote go extremely well with desserts. They can be drizzled over cupcakes, cookies, and ice creams. Just a small amount of coulis or compote can alter the overall flavor of any dish.

Both Dishes Provide Similar Health Benefits

Whether it is coulis or compote, both these dishes use fruits or vegetables as one of their main ingredients. Thus depending upon the ingredients used to make the recipe, the health benefits may differ from one dish to another.

However, since they use simple ingredients like fruits and vegetables, they are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Not just that, they are also rich in fibers and antioxidants, which are essential for our bodies.

Both dishes are low in cholesterol and fat and easily digestible. They could satisfy all your hunger needs without adding many calories. Thus if you are someone who is concerned about oneā€™s health, coulis and compote could be an excellent addition to your daily diet.

Culinary Uses

Coulis and compote, as we have said, are commonly used to enhance the flavor of dishes. Due to its smooth and creamy consistency, coulis can also decorate sweet and savory dishes.Ā 

Since coulis are made from vegetables as well as fruits, there are multiple ways of using them. Coulis serves very well as a side dish along with desserts. They can also be used as a topping for different dishes like pancakes and waffles.

Vegetable coulis like tomato coulis and pepper coulis serve very well as a base dish for many savory ingredients like vegetable dishes and meat roast. They serve as a garnish and a flavor enhancer for these dishes.

Similar to coulis, compote can also work as a flavor enhancer. However, due to their sweetness, they are commonly accompanied by sweet dishes. They are also used as a filling in cupcakes, muffins, and other baked goods.Ā 

They can also be drizzled over ice creams. Since they are very sweet and chunky, they work well as a filling in sandwiches and rolls.Ā 

Apart from all of these, both coulis and compote can be enjoyed as their own! They are extremely flavorful and donā€™t need any other dish to highlight their flavor.Ā 

Coulis Vs. Compote | Differences Between The Two


Now that we have seen the similarities between the two ingredients, we must look into some of their differences.Ā Ā 

1. Ingredients Used

Coulis and compote are often referred to as fruit stews. However, that cannot be entirely true with compote. While compote only uses fruits as its main ingredient, coulis can be made from either fruits or vegetables.

Compote is often made from dry fruits or fresh fruits like figs, berries, and apples. Coulis often uses uncooked fruits. However, if you want to make your fruits much softer, you can cook them before making coulis.

While coulis can also be made from such fruits, they can also be made from vegetables. But if you make coulis from vegetables, they need to be boiled, steamed, roasted, or blackened before turning them into a coulis.

Tomato coulis and roasted pepper coulis are two of the most famous savory coulis recipes. They are easy to make and add a lot of flavor to your recipe. They also use ingredients like sugar, lemon juice, or some liquor to enhance their flavor.

2. Texture

Both coulis and compote are made from stewed fruits or vegetables. They come in different colors and flavors. However, coulis has a very smooth texture to it. Whether they are made from fruits or vegetables, they have to be strained before serving them.

The texture of the coulis is reminiscent of that of heavy cream. A well-prepared coulis can be strained out of the finest strainer. Coulis has a thick consistency to them. However, they are pourable.

Compote, on the other hand, has a very chunky texture to it. Not just are they chunky, but they have a loose consistency to them. The highlight of compote has little fruit pieces to bite on.Ā 

However, if you are someone who loves a thick consistency, you can always simmer these two sauces on heat and evaporate all the excess water in them.

3. PreparationĀ 

The way in which we prepare these dishes might look similar from the outset. However, there are some differences in their preparation. The main difference is that coulis can be made from cooked or uncooked ingredients. Whereas compote always uses cooked ingredients.

Ā Regarding the preparation time, coulis only takes a little of our cooking time. Some of the coulis recipes even doesnā€™t require any cooking. On the other hand, most compote dishes need some time to be cooked.

4. Type Of Fruits UsedĀ 

We have already said that both coulis and compote use fruits as one of their main ingredients. However, the kind of fruits preferred for making these recipes is different from one another. While coulis are made from mostly berries, compote can be made from any kind of fruit.

5. FlavorĀ 

The flavor of both coulis and compote largely depends on the ingredients we use to make these. However, since compote mainly uses fruits and berries as its main ingredient, it will have a sweet taste.

On the other hand, compote can be made from fruits or vegetables. Thus compote can be sweet or savory depending on the ingredients we use to make it.

6. Storage

Coulis made with fruits, and sugar will stay longer than the compote. This is because sugar is a natural preservative and prevents the growth of microbes in our food. However, both the food will last for a week or two when stored in the fridge.

Can Coulis And Compote Be Used Together?

Coulis and compote made from fruits have a similar taste. They just differ in texture. Not just that, if the fruit compote is thoroughly strained, we could easily get a coulis. Thus using both of these together isnā€™t very common.

Top Coulis Recipes You Can Try AT HomeĀ 

If you are new to these dishes, you might want to try them at least once! Thus if you have some fruits or vegetables at home, here are some coulis recipes you can try at home. They are easy to make and are best to impress your guests.

1. Strawberry CoulisĀ 

Strawberry Coulis

Summer is coming, and so is our strawberry season. If you manage to get some strawberries this summer, try to make a strawberry coulis. They are easy to make and bring the best strawberry flavor to your plate.

Strawberry coulis is made by mixing strawberry, sugar, and lemon juice. Once done with cooking, make sure to strain them well to get a smooth red creamy coulis at hand. This can be used together with ice cream or some cheesecakes.

2. Blackberry Coulis

Blueberry Compote

Just as its name suggests, blackberry coulis uses blackberry as its main ingredient. Like strawberry coulis, blackberry coulis must be cooked with some sugar and lemon juice. However, the blackberry coulis could be more on the tart side.

3. Red Pepper Coulis

Red Pepper Coulis

Now that we have seen two sweet coulis recipes, itā€™s time to explore a savory one. Red pepper coulis is one of the best savory coulis recipes we can try. Just as its name suggests, it uses red pepper as one of its main ingredients.

To get the optimum taste, roast the red pepper before making coulis out of them. Once it is nicely roasted, make sure to remove its skin. Red pepper coulis brings so much heat and spiciness to your recipe.

While making the recipe, make sure to add seasonings like garlic, shallot, basils, shallots, and parmesan cheese. They can be served along with roasted vegetables or as a base for many meat dishes.

4. Mango CoulisĀ 

Mango Coulis

Mangoes are exceptionally tasty fruits. If you love mangoes as much as I do, make sure to try a mango coulis next time you have some spare mangoes at home. They are sweet and flavorful with a sweet fruity taste.

5. Tomato CoulisĀ 

Tomato Coulis

If you are looking for a dish to garnish your favorite chicken dish, look no further! Bring a tomato coulis to your table to add so much flavor to your dishes. Tomato coulis requires limited ingredients and are extremely easy to make.

All you need to make tomato coulis are some tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, salt, pepper, and a pinch of sugar. Blend all of the ingredients well and strain them! Your tomato coulis is ready to serve.

Top Compote Recipes You Can Try AT HomeĀ 

If you enjoy sweet dishes, then compote is something you should try at least once. They are easy to make and can be stored for a longer period. If you have some time at hand, make sure to try any of them.

1. Simple Apple Compote

Apple Compote

Apples are simply great. They can be eaten on their own or as a part of the cuisine. There are multiple cuisines we can make from apples. However, this apple compote could be one of the easiest recipes you could try at home.

Apple compote doesnā€™t require a long list of ingredients. All you need is some apples, cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar. To make the recipe, melt some butter in a pan and add some brown sugar.

Once the brown sugar melts, add diced apples and cinnamon powder into it. Wait for the apple to get soft. Mash it and eat it. If you love it too much, store it in the fridge for further use.

2. Strawberry CompoteĀ 

Strawberry Compote

If you enjoy the tartness of strawberries, this strawberry compote is the ideal dish to drizzle over your ice creams and waffles. All you need to make this recipe is some fresh strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice.Ā 

Once you have all these ingredients, add some butter to a pan and meet some sugar. Add the strawberries and cook till they are soft. Simmer off the heat and allow them to cool for some time.Ā 

3. Easy Fruit CompoteĀ 

Fruit Compote

If you love desserts after your meal, make sure to prepare and store this fruit compote in your fridge. They are easy to make and carry a burst of flavor. You can have it as it is, or it can be served along with yogurts or ice creams.

4. Peach CompoteĀ 

Peach Compote

Peaches are one of the tastiest fruits. If you love peaches, try making some peach compote this time. It doesnā€™t require an extensive ingredient list. Grab some peaches, butter, brown sugar, and lime juice.

Add finely chopped peaches and sugar into a bowl and cook them with some water. Once the peaches start to soften up, simmer the heat and allow the mix to get a thicker consistency. Add some lemon juice and put off the heat!

Coulis Vs. Compote | Which Is Healthier?


In this article, we have discussed in length coulis and compote. Both coulis and compote are great for our health as fruits and vegetables are their main ingredients. However, when compared between the two, coulis is healthier than compote.

This is because coulis can be cooked with or without sugar. Also, coulis can be made from raw fruits. Thus, in a way, coulis uses less sugar than compote and is way more beneficial for our health than a compote.

Coulis Vs. Compote | Which Is Tastier?


Both coulis and compote are extremely delicious. However, when compared between the two, compote is much more delicious than coulis. Coulis brings most of the flavors from the fruits when simmered in sugar and butter.

Coulis Vs. Compote | Which Is More Versatile?

Passion Fruit coulis

While talking about versatility, we could say without any doubt that a coulis is much more versatile than a compote. Most compotes are prepared similarly and are sweet. However, there are multiple ways to prepare a coulis, which can be prepared in many flavors.

While compote only works with sweet dishes, many compotes like red pepper compote can be used along with savory dishes too! Thus we could say that coulis is much more versatile than compote in all aspects.

Coulis Vs. Compote | Which Is Better?


After reading so much about coulis and compote, we must choose the best of the two! Both coulis and compote are great on their own and share many similarities. However, considering the health benefits and versatility, we could say that coulis is better than compote.


Now that we are at the end of the article, I hope you had a great time reading all about coulis and compote. Both coulis and compote are a kind of sauces that are generally used to enhance the flavor of the dishes.

But compared to the two, we could say that coulis is better than compote in multiple ways. Both coulis and compote are extremely delicious! But if you want to enjoy your food and care for your health, go for coulis!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whatā€™s the difference between a coulis and sauce?

Coulis can be cooked from raw vegetables, whereas sauce is a cooked food.

What is the difference between a purƩe and a coulis?

Coulis is much-refined version of puree. For making coulis, we have to strain the puree.

What are coulis used for?

Coulis is often used as a flavor enchancer.

Is chutney a compote?

No. Compote usually refers to a fruits cooked in sugar syrup.