Along with all the great burgers and fries, the desserts on McDonald’s menu are a thing that all shoppers appreciate. A single these dessert, which is a lover-beloved, is baked apple pie, but there is also a debate about irrespective of whether this menu possibility is vegan. Enable us come across that out in this write-up! 

McDonald’s apple pie is vegan in all international locations the place it is served, at the very least in terms of substances. Even so, 1 issue that McDonald’s has outlined that anyone should look at is that there are however chances of cross-contamination. 

McDonald’s, along with several possibilities on their menu, also has affordable price ranges. It is a single reason most folks desire this fast-meals restaurant chain around all many others.

Having said that, vegans generally have uncertainties about the food items that they supply. Permit us crystal clear all of these doubts as soon as and for all! Satisfied examining! 

McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie Is Vegan

If you know how accurately apple pies are built, you could know that the pastry that encases the filling, extra usually than not, has an egg in it.

Nonetheless, fortunately at McDonald’s, the administration did go for a vegan casing as perfectly, so that is something that vegans and vegetarians are extremely pleased with. 

Moreover, the filling features these substances: 

  1. H2o, 
  2. Wheat Flour (has Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, and Thiamin), 
  3. Apple (22%), 
  4. Sugar, 
  5. Modified Starch (Maize, Corn), 
  6. Vegetable Oil (Palm, Rapeseed), 
  7. Dextrose, 
  8. Blended Spices (Ground Cinnamon, Ground Nutmeg, Cassia Extract), 
  9. Salt, 
  10. Increasing Agent (Sodium Carbonates), 
  11. Invert Sugar Syrup, 
  12. Lemon Juice Focus, 
  13. Flavouring, 
  14. Thickener (Locust Bean Gum), 
  15. Yeast Extract, 
  16. Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), 
  17. Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid)

All of these elements are certified as vegan. So, that can make the baked apple pie vegan-friendly. Even so, the way this apple pie is created in different countries may differ.

So, although the components are certified as vegan, distinct preparing procedures can cause improvements in this predicament.

 Is McDonald’s Apple Pie Vegan In Every Nation?

So, one particular fantastic factor about McDonald’s is that the elements are commonly the exact all over the place, at minimum for the internationally readily available menu objects. Sure, in particular nations, they need to be extra cautious and accordingly may well modify some of the elements. 

Nevertheless, that is not the circumstance with apple pie. Just about every country that serves this sweet take care of ensures that all the elements applied to make this baked apple pie are vegan-licensed.

But, as I talked about prior to, the planning system could provide about some variations to this factor. Allow us appear at a number of countries that serve this sweet address and the problem about there. 

  • United States Of America – In the United States, as far as the list of elements goes for this apple pie, it can be certified as a vegan menu product. Having said that, McDonald’s has also stated that there is no ensure that there may not be any cross-contamination, even though they are mindful about these matters. 
  • Canada – Canada has a extremely very similar tale to the United States. All the elements stated in this sweet handle are excellent for vegans. However, although the management takes treatment that no cross-contamination occurs, they do not warranty the identical. So, it is dependent on no matter if you are ready to consider the possibility. 
  • Australia – As opposed to the US and Canada, Australia has described a single of the substances, whey powder, for their baked apple pie. Whey powder is manufactured from cow’s milk, which is unsuitable for a vegan diet. Hence, the baked apple pie from Australia is not vegan. 
  • United Kingdom – As significantly as the components go, the baked apple pie from the British isles is completely vegan. Also, they also make absolutely sure that they use separate fryers to fry this. On the other hand, they use the identical system to filter the oil utilized to make the apple pie as the oil made use of to fry fish and rooster. So, this can be regarded as cross-contamination by some. 
  • New Zealand – Last of all, New Zealand is an additional place the place McDonald’s serves their delectable baked apple pie. Below as well, the substances employed to make this pie are all vegan-licensed. But, they use the same fryers for everything, so there are definite odds of cross-contamination, generating this apple pie unsuitable for vegans. It can, nevertheless, be eaten by vegetarians. 

Are There Other Vegan Choices In The McDonald’s Menu?

People today who are hardcore vegans might not obtain apple pie ideal for them since of the prospects of cross-contamination. Even so, that does not suggest that there is absolutely practically nothing on the McDonald’s menu that vegans can delight in! 

McDonald’s has a specially curated vegan menu. This menu involves solutions like apple slices, fruit & maple oatmeal, and most drinks. The McCafe drinks could possibly have milk, but you can even take into consideration employing plant-primarily based milk in its place! 


As we have occur to the conclude of this short article, I hope all your uncertainties about irrespective of whether the baked apple pie from McDonald’s is vegan have been answered. The baked apple pie the good thing is has ingredients that are all great for vegans, other than in Australia. 

Nonetheless, most of these McDonald’s stores have also plainly described that they never take the guarantee that there are no probabilities of cross-contamination with dairy products and solutions. In addition, nations like New Zealand also use the same fryers for everything. 

So, it at some point is dependent on you and regardless of whether you are ok with the imagined of cross-contamination or not. Other than this, we have also protected articles on debatable subject areas like if McDonald’s fries are vegan or vegetarian and if McDonald’s hash browns are vegan. If you are a vegan, check these out right before your up coming take a look at to McDonald’s! 

Usually Asked Inquiries (FAQs) 

Is the baked apple pie from McDonald’s vegan? 

Indeed, the baked apple pie from McDonald’s is fully vegan, per the substances checklist. 

Are there chances of cross-contamination happening with the baked apple pie? 

Certainly, McDonald’s management has talked about that they don’t ensure that there will be no cross-contamination. 

Is the baked apple pie vegan in all nations as per substances? 

Indeed, the baked apple pie is vegan in all nations around the world except Australia, as for every ingredients. 

Is the baked apple pie served at McDonald’s in New Zealand vegan? 

The baked apple pie served in New Zealand is vegan as per substances, but they use the very same fryers for every thing for this reason, there are definite odds of cross-contamination. They are, nevertheless, correctly suited for vegetarians.