Summer is yet to arrive! But once it’s here, we all know how much we crave a pack of a good carbonated sugar drink. There is nothing more satisfying than gulping down some sugary sodas. But are 7 Up, Sprite, and Sierra mist just the same? Let’s find out!

Just from its name, it’s clear that all of them are different. But ever since these were launched, no other citrus drink has ever come close to these three. All three are sweet citrusy flavored soda drinks with considerable differences.

When we talk about the difference between 7 Up vs. Sprite vs. Sierra Mist, we must consider its flavor difference. Sierra mist is flavored with real natural sugar and has a very strong sweet taste.

On the other hand, 7 UP has a strong orange zesty flavor to it. Sprite can be placed between the two; it’s neither too sweet nor too zesty.

This is one of the many differences we can point out between 7 UP, Sprite, and Sierra mist. These are common drinks we grew up drinking. Thus, if you are interested in knowing more about the three differences, give this article a read!

7 UP Vs. Sprite Vs. Sierra Mist | Difference Table

Basis Of Difference 7 UP Sprite Sierra Mist
Country of origin United States United States United States
Year 1929 1961 1999
Distributors PepsiCo Coca-Cola PepsiCo
Sizes Mini/ Standard Mini/ Standard Mini/ Standard
Taste Has a strong zesty taste with a salty undertone and mild sweetness. Has a balanced zesty, citrusy flavor with a light sweetness. Sweetest of the three with a tangy lemonade flavor.
Fizz High  High Comparitevely Low

What Is 7 Up?

7 UP

Amongst the three drinks we discuss, 7 UP is the oldest one. 7 UP is a lemon-flavored non-caffeinated drink produced in the United States. Have you ever wondered who comes with such a tasty formulation?

Well, all the credit goes to Keurig Dr Pepper. However, the distribution of 7 UP is done by PepsiCo. This tasty, yummy, citrusy drink has a fascinating history to it. The 7 UP came into existence in 1929.

It was formulated with a mood-stabilizing drug called lithium citrate. In 1929, the drink didn’t come out as 7 Up but as “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda.”

Only in 1936 was it called a 7 Up. (If it was still “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda,” I doubt how many people would care to take its full name while buying it!)

However, the 7 Up we get today is absolutely free from any kind of mood-stabilizing drugs as well as caffeine. That’s why it still holds the upper hand in this industry. Since it first appeared, the company has come out with different variations of 7 Up.

So given below are some of the variations of 7 Up introduced by the company. Many of them are still in the market; many get discontinued over time. However, the lemon-flavored one is the most popular of all others.

Tropical 7 UP – Got introduced in 2014. It was a limited-time edition. As its name suggests, this tropical 7 Up had pineapple and mango flavoring.

Diet 7 UP –  This variant of 7 Up was first introduced in the 1970s. From there, it undergoes a lot of reformulations. Over the period, the company tried to come up with different kinds of sweeteners to replace sugar. Finally, the brand came out with a good formulation and introduced the latest Diet 7 UP as 7 UP Zero Sugar in 2020.

Cherry 7 UP – As you can guess from the name, the cherry 7 UP version is a cherry-flavored one and came out in 1987. It came out in pink color and was quite popular. However, it was discontinued over time due to some controversies regarding its effects.

What Is Sprite


Like 7 Up, Sprite also had its birth in the United States. It is also a citrusy-flavored sweet drink. It was first introduced in 1961. It came out as a competition for Sprite. It did become a competition for Sprite with its flavor.

We could say Sprite was one of those initial companies that used marketing tactics to grow its users. The one-liner advertisement “I Like The Sprite In You,” the company published in the 1980s, was a huge success and made Sprite the drink of youngsters.

It even designed its bottle in such a way as to draw the crowd. Currently, the ownership and distribution are entitled to the Coca-Cola company. Compared to 7 Up, many varieties of Sprite are available to us. Some of them are given below.

Sprite Zero Sugar – Like 7 Up, Sprite also came up with a zero-sugar version in 1974. It came out in different forms with different names over the year. Presently it is called Sprite Zero Sugar. 

Sprite Lemon Lime Herb – This version has a touch of herbs, along with the regular zesty sprite taste. This version was only specific to Germany.

Sprite Ice – This version of Sprite has a minty aftertaste to it. Originally introduced as Sprite Ice, this version has been called names such as Sprite Ice Blue, Sprite Ice Cube, Sprite Ice Mint, etc.

What Is Sierra Mist?

Sierra Mist

Sierra mist was the latest addition to the lemonade-based drink out of the three. It came out in 1999 and was introduced by PepsiCo as a competition to both 7 UP and Sprite. Just after its introduction, Sierra mist rose to popularity very fastly.

Even though Sierra Mist was introduced by its real name, its name was changed to Mist Twist. However, in 2018, the company returned to its original name “Sierra Mist.”

The company marketed Sierra Mist taste as a light and refreshing lemon-lime soda made with real sugar and a caffeine-free formula.” 

7 UP Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist | Similarities Between The Three

7 UP

The drinks we discussed here aren’t new to us. Now that we have discussed all three drinks let’s look at some of their similarities.

All Of Them Has Their Origin In The United States

Even though three of the drinks came up in different periods, all three drinks have been manufactured in the United States. 

All Of Them Are Lemonade Based Drinks. 

7 UP, Sprite, and Sierra Mist came as competition for each other. Even though they have slightly different tastes, the base taste of all three drinks is similar: lemonade-based caffeine-free carbonated drinks. 

If you are not a regular drinker of these three drinks, it will be hard for you or anyone to identify them.

Can Be Substituted With Each Other

Since all three drinks have a similar flavor profile, it is safe to say that if you are planning to make a mocktail and are out of any of these, you could simply go to a nearby supermarket and grab one of the three and continue with your drink mixing. Nobody will know!

All Of Them Have Similar Appearances

All three drinks come in a green bottle. They are colorless, and when poured into a glass, it is hard to tell them apart without tasting them. Even if we taste them, if you aren’t a regular drinker of any of the three drinks, it will be hard to differentiate between them.

7 UP Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist | What Are The Major Differences?

Sierra Mist

Now that we have quickly looked at some of the similarities between the three drinks, it’s time for us to look at the difference. All of them come in a green bottle and taste the same at the outset, but are they just the same, let’s find out!

1. Flavor

7 Up, Sprite, and Sierra mist, as we have discussed, have a similar flavor profile: lime lemonade-based caffeine-free carbonated drinks. However, if we analyze closely, there is a slight taste difference between the three.

7 Up is less sweet than the other when compared to the three. It has a very light salty undertone which effectively manages the sweetness and tangy taste of the drink. Sprite has a balanced flavor between the two.

It is not very sweet or too tangy and has a balanced flavor. On the other hand, Sierra Mist has a strong sweet taste. Some people find it too sweet for their taste.

Saying that we must keep in mind that all of this has a strong sweet, and tangy taste and the taste difference we discussed here is minuscule.

2. Fizziness

All three drinks we are discussing are carbonated and thus have a good amount of fizz. Hence, there is little to differentiate between the three drinks. Carbonated drinks are those drinks in which carbon dioxide is dissolved in the liquid under high pressure!

Thus, the carbon dioxide escapes when we open it as tiny bubbles. When compared, we could say that 7 Up and Sprite are fizzier than the Sierra Mist.

3. Sweetness

Many people are often concerned about how much sugar they consume while drinking this drink. If you check the nutritional value of the three drinks, they all have identical nutritional quantities, and the quantity of sugar added is also similar.

However, out of the three drinks, 7 Up is less sweet than Sprite and Sierra Mist. 7 UP has a salty undertone to the tangy lemonade flavor. Sprite has a balanced flavor, but Sierra Mist is the sweetest of all three.

4. Nutritional Values

Recently, people have been extremely conscious of the side effects of having soft drinks regularly. Most of these drinks come up with a lot of artificial flavors as well as loaded sugar content. 

Hence, below is a chart that compares the nutritional content of three drinks. 

Soda Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Total Carbohydrates Total Sugar
7 UP 1 can 140 0 45 mg 27 38 g
Sprite 1 can 140 0 65 mg 26 38 g
Sierra Mist  1 can 140 0 35 mg 28 37 g

5. Ingredients 

When compared to three, the ingredient lists of three of the drinks are slightly different from each other. Below is the drinks’ individual ingredient list according to the manufacturer’s website.

7 UP 

  • Filtered Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Natural Flavors
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA (To Protect Flavor)


  • Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Sodium Benzoate (To Protect Taste)

Sierra Mist

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sugar
  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Benzoate (Preserves Freshness)
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA (To Protect Flavor)

Top Dishes To Make With 7 UP

Now that we have seen the differences and similarities between the three drinks, it’s time to explore some of the easy and flavorful recipes we can try making with them. This section will discuss the dishes that use 7 Up as their main ingredient.

1. Pomberry Pops

Pomberry Popsicle

Summer is already around the corner. It is once again the time to cook all your favorite popsicles and ice cream. If you are all set to try some new recipes this try, give this try to this easy, tasty pomberry popsicle.

The ingredients we needed to make this recipe were quite minimal. We will need some vodka, pomegranate juice, lime juice, simple syrup, 7 Up, and crushed blueberries.

Mix all of these together. Pour into a pop mold until half filled, and add some crushed blueberries. Freeze and enjoy!

2. Easy Peach Ice Cream

Peach Ice Creams

We all enjoy having some ice cream. Whether cold or hot, ice cream has a place in our hearts and our refrigerators. If you are a hardcore ice cream fan like me, here is an easy recipe you can try making at home. 

For this recipe, grab some packed frozen sliced peaches, orange juice, lemon juice, sugar, almond extract, and 7 Up. Dice some of the peaches and set them aside. Take the rest of the peaches and other ingredients and blend them in a blender.

Add some 7 Up into the jar and mix it once again. Pour it into an ice cream setter and mix the diced peaches. Freese it and enjoy!

3. 7 UP Pancakes

7 UP Pancakes

We all love to enjoy a pancake as our morning breakfast. If you are someone who enjoys pancakes thoroughly, this 7-Up pancake recipe has all the potential to be your forever favorite pancake recipe.

For this recipe, we will need some pancake mix, ¼ cups of 7 Up, some oil, and 1 egg. Beat egg and oil in a bowl and add the pancake mix. Add some 7 UP to loosen the batter. Whisk it thoroughly and make sure there is no lump left.

Cook it and add all your favorite toppings and enjoy!

4. Guacamole 

7 UP Guacamole 

There are many ways to eat guacamole, so there are many ways to make it. This season, grab as many avocados as possible, as we have this special guacamole recipe created just for you.

This 7-Up guacamole recipe is not just tasty but also extremely flavorful and creamy; once you make it, you crave more. Take some 7 Up, avocados, lime juice, pico de gallo, cumin, salt, and pepper.

Cut avocados into half, and scoop out their flesh. Add 7 UP and lemon juice, and stop when you achieve the desired consistency. Add pico de gello and stir well. Add cumin, salt, and pepper to taste and serve with some pieces of bread or nachos.

5. Chicken Marinade 

Chicken Marinade 

There is no doubt in the fact that the taste of a recipe lies in its marinades. Thus if you are looking to cook some exotic chicken dish for your party, here is a marinade recipe you can try. You will buy 7 Up to add some frizz to your party and cook some chicken in it!

To make this marinade, mix 7 Up, soy sauce, horseradish paste, minced garlic, and oil in a bowl. Add the chicken pieces into this mixture and coat it well. Place this in the refrigerator and allow it to sit for some hours.

Top Dishes To Make With Sprite 

Now that we have seen the dishes we can make with 7 Up, let’s quickly look at some recipes that use Sprite as one of their main ingredients.

1. Sasy Summer Cooler

Sassy Summer Cooler Recipe

If you are looking for a tropical-flavored drink to fight away all your tiredness, try this tasty summer cooler recipe. It needs just 8 ingredients and can be made in under 20 minutes. 

Take some crushed mint, malibu rum, lemonade, strawberry puree, sliced strawberries, Sprite, and crushed ice. Make some mint-infused vodka ahead of time. Make some sweet and tart lemonade. 

Make some strawberry puree. Into a glass, add some mint leaves, pour 1 shot of infused vodka, Malibu rum, and strawberry puree. Add some lemonade and sliced strawberries. Fill the rest of the glass with Sprite and enjoy the drink!

2. Pineapple Pink Lemonade Soda

Pineapple Pink Lemonade Soda

Pineapple juice is one such drink that brings so many refreshments. Here is a recipe for you if you have some leftover pineapples left at your dining table from the previous day. 

Juice some pineapples and extract the juice out of them. Mix it with some lemonade. Add the Spirit while serving it. Your sizzling pineapple pink lemonade soda is ready to serve.

3. Habanero Salsa

Habanero Salsa

If you are someone like me who loves the spiciness in your food, then the habanero salsa is something you should try with your food. It uses habanero pepper as its main ingredient. Habanero is one such fruit that brings in a fiery taste but also has some sweetness.

We need some habanero chile pepper, kosher salt, lime juice, and Spirit for this recipe. Blend the habanero and some kosher salt in a mixer. Once it is smoothly blended, add some sprite and lime juice to it. Blend it once again until it gets a smooth texture. 

Your habanero salsa is ready to use. You can either use it directly or can store it in the refrigerator.

4. Eggnog Floats

Eggnog floats

If you love eggnog, give this eggnog floats recipe a try! This is an extended version of the real eggnog recipe.

To make this recipe, beat some vanilla cream in a bowl. Add this to a glass and then fill the ¼ th of the glass with some egg nogs. Pour some sprite into this and add some ice cream over it. Serve it with some raspberries.

5. Open House Punch

Open House Punch

 This open house punch mocktail is extremely easy to make. Mix some Southern Comfort, lemon juice, and orange juice in a bowl. Add some Sprite to the mix and serve it chilled.

Top Dishes To Make With Sierra Mist

Now that we have seen easy dishes to make with 7 Up and Sprite, let’s see some of the easy recipes that use Sierra Mist as one of their main ingredients. 

1. Taco Bell Pina Colada


Frutista freeze is one such drink taco bell used to serve a long time back. If you are someone who loved it, then give this taco bell pina colada recipe a try! With a little ingredient, we can easily recreate the taco bell pina colada.

For this recipe, we need some ice, pina colada mix, Sierra Mist, and 1 slice of lime. Pour this into a blender and give it a good mix. 

2. Spiked Limeade

Spiked Limeade

Suppose we all love to have a sip of lemonade on a summer day. Lemonade goes very well with most dishes, especially spicy ones. However, if you are tired of drinking regular lemonade, try this spiked limeade.

To make this recipe, add some whiskey, limeade, and some Sierra Mist into a shaker. Shake it well and serve it chilled. 

3. Strawberry Lime Slush

Strawberry Lime Slush

If you love the tangy strawberry taste, give this strawberry lime slush recipe a shot! For this recipe, we need 1 can of limeade concentrate, 1 can of lemonade concentrate, 3 cans of Sierra Mist, frozen strawberries, vodka, and some triple sec.

Add all of this in a blender and mix it well. Serve it with some sliced strawberry and lime slices.

4. Raspberry Sherbet Party Punch

raspberry sherbet party punch

If you are looking for a good drink, then the raspberry sherbet party punch. This has the ideal sweet and tangy taste and can be served at all times. If you love it too much, save it in the fridge and relish it whenever possible.

5. Frostbite 

Frost Bite

If you love making mocktails and cocktails, Sierra Mist is the drink you should have in your fridge. It brings so much sweetness and zestiness to your drink and makes your mocktail-making experience good.

If you love mocktail, then frostbite is something you should never miss out on! For this recipe, grab some Sierra Mist, grape juice, pineapple juice, blueberries, and fresh mint. In a shaker, mix some ice and pineapple juice.

 Into it, add some lime juice, blueberries, and fresh mint. Strain it into a glass and add some Sierra Mist to the mixture. Serve it with some blueberry toppings to bring a zesty twist to the recipe!

7 UP Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist | Which Is Healthier?


We have seen in depth all three lemonade drinks. There is only a slight difference between the three, so choosing one out of the three will be a little difficult. All three drinks are artificially flavored, so uncontrolled consumption could be dangerous.

However, when compared between the three, 7 UP and Sprite are a little healthier than the Sierra Mist as Sierra Mist has a high concentration of sugar in it. 

7 UP Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist | Which Is Tastier?


All three drinks are lemonade-based carbonated drinks. Hence they have a very similar flavor to it. However, when talking about taste, there is a slight difference between the three. 7 UP has a strong zesty taste with a slight saltiness.

Sierra Mist, on the other hand, is sweeter than the two. Out of all three, Sprite has a composed flavor profile. It is neither too zesty nor too sweet. Hence we can say that Sprite is the tastiest of the three.

7 UP Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist | Which Is More Versatile?

Sierra Mist

Sprite has a lot of varieties to it as compared to 7 Up and Sierra Mist. Sierra Mist has the least number of varieties. Thus we can say that Sprite is the most versatile drink of the three. Even though 7 Up also has wide varieties, most are limited to certain places, and some are discontinued over time. 

7 UP Vs Sprite Vs Sierra Mist | Which Is Better?

7 UP

Now that we have talked about all three drinks, we must choose the best. There is not much difference between the three. Hence choosing a favorite could be a little difficult for anybody. 

However, considering the taste and varieties available, we can say Sprite is the best of the three. It has a composed flavor profile and comes in different variants. There are also so many recipes that use Sprite as one of their ingredients.

That said, we cannot forget how 7 UP and Sierra MIst are close to Sprite in their flavor and uses. All three are equally good; 7 Up is slightly better than the other two!


Finally, we have reached the end of the article. We had a long discussion regarding three famous drinks, that is 7 UP, Sprite, and Sierra Mist. Most of us are extremely familiar with all three drinks, so choosing a favorite is a little difficult.

All three of them have a similar ingredient list and also look alike! If you are not too keen, differentiating will be hard. All three drinks are widely used to make so many recipes, and we have discussed some of them above.

However, considering the flavor, varieties, and health concerns, we can say that Sprite is slightly better than the other two. That being said, we cannot neglect the similarities between the three drinks. 

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed the article and have found some new information about your favorite drinks. If you enjoyed reading this article, check up on us sometimes to see more such fun articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between 7 Up, Sprite and Sierra Mist?

Three of the drinks have slight flavor diffrences.

What tastes better Sprite or Sierra Mist?

When compared between the two, Sprite taste better.

Is Sierra Mist and Sprite the same thing?

No. Sierra Mist and Sprite are two different drinks.

Which came first 7 Up Sprite or Sierra Mist?

7 UP came up in 1929, way before Sprite and Sierra Mist.